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Johnte' Archer is the CEO/Agent of Record for J. Archer Insurance Group (Archer Commercial Insurance Group and J. Archer Insurance Services). She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Houston and her law degree from Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu California.

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Tips to Get the Lowest Insurance Rates

Prudent insureds know the value of some of the tips shared below. You would be surprised how many individuals and businesses who pay three times the cost they would be paying if they followed these simple steps....

I Need A Quote!

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Are You In Need of an Insurance Review?

In order to protect your family’s assets or be successful in any business, insuring the “what if’s” is a necessity.  However, if you are not reviewing your insurance policies annually or providing updates regularly, the insurance policy you’re paying for could be worthless in the event of a claim.   Our agency prides itself in ensuring Continue Reading...

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