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What Can I Do If I Have a Collision with an Uninsured/Underinsured Driver?

Every day that you hit the road, you have to prepare for unique variables. This is what makes driving very dangerous at times. Things become even more complicated when you collide with uninsured or underinsured drivers who either do not have insurance or have inadequate coverage. The possibility of being involved in such an accident is higher than you may

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What You Need to Know About Automatic Renewal of Car Insurance

Renewing car insurance automatically can be a part of a well-organized and beneficial insurance renewal process if records are updated and due process is followed. If you provide updated information, your insurer must fulfill any coverage and benefits that you have purchased when it is time to file a claim. Maintaining car insurance is crucial and an automatic renewal of

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What Do You Need to Know About Car Insurance and Fire Damage?

Wildfires have become increasingly more common in some geographic regions, which should raise concerns about property damage. Cars can also be destroyed by natural fires that burn out of control as well. Therefore, all vehicle owners who live in regions prone to wildfires should make sure their car insurance provides appropriate coverage for a fire damage claim. Here are some

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Do Commercial Auto Insurance Policies Cover Engine Protection?

When you take out commercial auto insurance in Houston, TX, you may think that your business’s vehicle or fleet of vehicles are covered. While that tends to be the case, every policy has its limit. As such, you may be wondering if you can rely on your commercial auto insurance policy for engine repairs when necessary. To understand what you

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