A Complete Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance

Discussing long-term care insurance can be emotionally complicated. It’s hard to picture a scenario when you may be disabled or simply unable to live by yourself. However, there may come a time when long-term care insurance proves to be your financial savior. If you suffer a health crisis in the future, long-term care insurance offers protection so that you don’t

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Health Insurance Plans

When shopping for a health insurance plan, there are numerous aspects to consider ranging from your unique medical needs, to out-of-pocket costs, to health plan networks. If you feel overwhelmed by the breadth of the process, use this step-to-step guide to health insurance to help you choose the right health insurance plans for your needs. How to Choose Health Insurance

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3 Important Aspects of Housing That Can Affect Your Health

Housing can have a profound impact on your health. Having a house to live in is one thing. Making sure you are healthy, and ensuring the house you live in makes you healthier is a whole lot different. About 90 percent of an average American’s time is spent indoors, and two-thirds of that time is spent in the home. Very

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