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Why Life Jackets Are Essential for Boaters

If you spend a lot of time on the water, keep in mind that an accident can occur at any time. In order to protect yourself, wearing the right life jacket is essential. While having inland marine insurance can protect your business if something goes wrong at sea, wearing a life jacket should be a top priority. Finding the Right

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Should You Be Insuring Your Home-Based Business?

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing the option of working from home. Those who own small businesses often choose to run their companies from their homes, instead of going to the trouble of renting a commercial property. Not only does it save money, but it is also more convenient, giving owners the option to work whenever the need arises

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Does My Business Insurance Cover Breach of Contract?

Businesses must comply with their state laws on contracts and insurance. Breach of contract can damage a company’s reputation while the company faces heavy fines and other court rulings. That’s why it’s common and wise for firms to get commercial insurance covering general liabilities. This article discusses whether your standard business insurance covers breach of contract or not. What’s a

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Why LLCs Need Liability Insurance as Much as Sole Proprietors

When you formed your business, you may have decided to make the entity a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) to protect your personal assets. However, far too often, business owners mistakenly think that an LLC will protect their business assets as well as their personal ones. While sole proprietors take out business insurance in Texas in order to safeguard their business

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