All Insurance Agencies Are NOT Created Equal

For some, recognizing the difference between a good and bad agent comes with a price and is often recognized a little too late.  After a claim or catastrophe is the worst time to realize you’ve made a mistake in selecting an insurance agent.  Archer Commercial Insurance Group & J. Archer Insurance Services (J. Archer Insurance Group) provides comprehensive personal and commercial insurance products at the best value the market offers, and the highest level of service to each of our clients.  There are reasons why our client base is over 90% referral business.  To demonstrate what separates us from other agencies, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons the J. Archer Insurance Group is a cut above the rest.

 1.  Access to Multiple Carriers:

You wouldn’t shop at a grocery store if it only had one product, well the same is true for insurance agencies. Archer represents and has access to hundreds of insurance carriers so we make sure our clients receive the best value for their insurance premium.  By shopping the marketplace, we are able to save them time and money.  We also compare the products themselves to ensure that limits and coverages are not compromised.

2.  Single Source for All Your Insurance Needs:

J. Archer Insurance Group is comprised of two primary divisions: commercial (Archer Commercial Insurance Group); and personal insurance (J. Archer Insurance Services).  Archer Commercial’s strong market relationships, advanced technology and comprehensive risk management program, allow us to service clients ranging from budding entrepreneurs entering the marketplace to media moguls with global brands.  Our commercial division offers almost any business insurance product you can think of from general liability & property coverage to group health and benefits.  We also provide insurance through specialty programs for particular industries such as trucking, public and non-profit sectors, medical/dental practices and more.

Our private client group (J. Archer Insurance Services) provides comprehensive insurance services for affluent and high net worth individuals. Whether it is insuring their ability to maintain their lifestyle or care for their families beyond their current profession, or protecting additional businesses, personal assets or reputation, our agency customizes risk management solutions to provide them with peace of mind.  Our carriers specialize in offering the most extensive and elite portfolio of coverage for: high value and multiple homes, fine art, antiques, jewelry, collectibles, automobiles, collector vehicles, watercraft, yachts, aircraft, personal and excess liability, kidnap and ransom coverage as well as other unique coverages.

We are licensed throughout the US, providing coverage in any state where property is located.

3.  Industry Expertise:

Our agents have years of experience and are knowledgeable in the areas in which we provide insurance products and services – from high net worth personal insurance to complex specialized commercial risks.

4.  Consultative/Comprehensive Risk Management Approach:

Our goal is to educate each client to ensure that the risks of claims are avoided or mitigated.  Clients who understand their insurance and the areas that affect premium and risk, ultimately make the best insurance decisions for their families and businesses, saving both time and money.  Our agents are valued advisors providing step by step consultation from initial reviews and throughout the insuring process.  They are available and active for ongoing servicing and advisement.

Archer Commercial’s unique consultative approach along with our industry expertise and resources, allow us to deliver timely, cost effective, and tailored insurance solutions. Through our in-depth analysis and understanding of our client’s unique risks, we are able to identify solutions to help avoid, manage and mitigate those risks. Our clients are able to make confident and informed decisions that ultimately promote their individual or corporate financial goals being met.  Hands-on customer service, uncompromising standards and a consultative approach to educating our clients about the insurance process, has made Archer Commercial/J. Archer Insurance Services a model for what any insured should expect from their insurance agency.

5.  Annual Portfolio Review Through Client Protection Checklist

One of our most valuable tools to protect our clients is our annual portfolio review.  Many agents simply resubmit the same information year after year without accounting for changes in your household or business.  Communication is key to ensuring that you are protected in the event of a claim.  If you haven’t spoken to your agent about changes (purchases, changes in household members or employees, revenues, new areas of business, etc.) you may not be covered in those areas in the event of a claim.  Our ongoing communication with our clients allow us to have the most up to date information to provide to insurance carriers.

6.  24/7 Client Portal:

Access all of your insurance documents including policies, certificates of insurance, auto ID cards and any other documents you choose to have access to, through your personalized client portal.  The portal is also available for you to make servicing requests for endorsements/changes or to update you’re your customer profile.  You’ll never worry about not having the ability to receive, request or review your insurance portfolio.  As a J. Archer Insurance Group client, online Login and access is available 24/7.

7.  Dedicated Insurance CSR’s:

Our CSR’s are available to service and discuss your policies daily.  We tout the fact that we do no have an automated phone system and provide person to person customer service using methods and technology most convenient for the client (phone, fax, text, email, mail, client portal or in person).  Our agency’s caring professionals have a vested interest in ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with the service provided.

8.  Same Day Service!

Although we ask for reasonable turnaround time for commercial requests, we understand that there may be rare occasions where you need information or requests on an almost immediate basis.  Our agency will prioritize requests to ensure that disruption to your business or personal circumstances are minimized.  There are also occasions where we can provide same day coverage, binders and provide the necessary proof of coverage to additional insureds, mortgagees, or certificate holders.  Count on our agency to provide timely and superior service for all of your personal or business insurance needs.

9.  Fully automated systems with the latest technology:

Archer’s agency management system is a unique tool that gives us the ability to service and communicate with clients in a way that is most convenient to them.  Whether you prefer text messages, emails, or phone calls, our system customizes our communication and access to you.  It also provides us with the ability to quickly access your account information and provide the most efficient customer service.  You’ll also receive monthly newsletters and active communication from our agency with policy and insurance developments or areas that may require your attention.  You can also utilize your client portal 24/7 to access information or send requests to your designated CSR.  We understand that your time is valuable, so we work directly with our clients to provide the best service possible.

10.  Complimentary Portfolio Review!! 

There is no risk –only rewards- in having the J. Archer Insurance Group provide you and/or your company with a complimentary review of your current insurance portfolio.  Let our team of experienced agents review current coverages, then customize a recommended portfolio package.  The process is simple.  First we gather background information about you or our business’ unique circumstances and discuss insurance goals.  Next, we request information regarding your current coverages and any losses sustained within the last five years.  Then we approach markets & carriers to determine what coverages and at what premiums they can provide or negotiate.  After proposals & quotes are received, they are reviewed to determine which provide the most expansive coverage for the greatest value.  Finally, we customize an insurance portfolio proposal that addresses your immediate needs and provides recommendations to address other potential risks (i.e. gaps in coverages, areas where you may be over/underinsured, or coverages that will provide protection for risks or property not currently covered, etc.).

Whether you choose to move forward with some or all of our recommendations, there is no obligation once we provide you with a complimentary review.  We know that you’ll only move your current insurance or work with our agency, if we can save you money and/or provide value with our services.  We are confident that we can exceed your expectations, so we are happy to set up a meeting at a time and place that is most convenient for you to start the process.

To learn more about our agency, insurance products, partners/carriers and more, visit us at www.  For questions, or to schedule a complimentary insurance review, contact us 281.501.8331.

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Johnte' Archer is the CEO/Agent of Record for J. Archer Insurance Group (Archer Commercial Insurance Group and J. Archer Insurance Services). She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Houston and her law degree from Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu California.

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